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Problems we aim to solve

Billions of tests done by laboratories mean billions of tests to be interpreted by doctors. 


Human errors and subjectivity

When doing blood test interpretation, it's mandatory to pay attention not only to all biomarkers, but to the life story context.


Unnecessary repeat visits

Usually, doctor will only pay attention to the test interpretation when patient comes for the repeat visit. And this repeat visit can be unnecessary, if test result indicates other medical pathway.


Stressful wait time

Waiting weeks and, sometimes, even months, to get test interpretation can be extremely stressful. 


Using additional context

Executing blood test interpretation may require asking additional questions, both medical and non-medical ones. This takes time, which doctor doesn't always have.

Our solution: Automated Blood Test Interpretation, done by AI.

  1. Experience of 1000s of real doctors applied

  2. Human errors probability decreased

  3. Blood test interpretation delivered in minutes

Our method, step by step

1 / Get life-story context

Basic information about age, gender, life-style and habits, chronic diseases. KYC, if you know what I mean.

2 / Define current symptoms

Reasons to take a test. Observed or detectable signs, and experienced symptoms of an illness, injury, or condition.

3 / Get blood test results uploaded and verified

Once images or PDF are uploaded, we will quickly match basic data (like age, gender, etc) with life-story, to avoid user-errors.

4 / Test interpretation delivered in less than 1 hour

Our task is to deliver test interpretation within minutes, but atypical cases requiring human attention can take more time.

Leveraging typical cases to decrease human errors 

60-80% of cases are typical, and it helps!

1. AI gives decent interpretation automatically for these 60-80%

2. AI immediately detects atypical cases

3. Doctors review atypical cases with additional attention

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