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Consultacia - AI interpretation of blood test results


We make blood test interpretations, 
based on current symptoms and life-story.

Automated blood test interpretation


Millions of patients need attention


AI is to pay attention to every single details of the test


Blood test demand grows lightning fast

Why doing this is important?

Laboratory blood tests are a vital part of the diagnostic process. Dozens of billions of tests are done yearly in the world, this quantity grows fast. And these tests brings on two additional aspects.

Patients are waiting for weeks (and even months!) for the repeat visit, where test is to be interpreted.

  1. Waiting under the stress. 

  2. Repeat visit can be unnecessary. 

Test interpretation can be incorrect.

  1. Often doctors are doing interpretations in a rush, during repeat visit. 

  2. Subjectivity or, simply, human-error is possible.

Our Team.

We're a team of experienced entrepreneurs empowered by healthcare professional with 25 years of experience.

We have a roadmap for the couple of years. And we're looking for partners.

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